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help reduce wrinkles, folds and fine lines

help reduce wrinkles, folds and fine lines published on

Facial fillers are cosmetic dermal fillers that help reduce wrinkles, folds and fine lines on the face. A dermal filler is a non surgical solution that produces almost instant results and involves little or no downtime. That is the reason for the growing popularity of cosmetic fillers because many patients prefer to avoid the potential complications, costs and recovery period involved with plastic surgery. Patients in Birmingham may get in touch with a leading dermatologist to know their choices for facial fillers.

Collagen based facial fillers are the most widely accepted and oldest cosmetic fillers available. Collagen is a natural material found in the body that helps to maintain the skin tightness and elasticity. A collagen based filler essentially PRP treatment for neck the lost collagen in the body to rejuvenate the youthfulness of skin. Bovine collagen is obtained from the cow’s skin, and has been effectively used as a cosmetic wrinkle treatment for several decades. However, since it is an animal based product, the patients are recommended to undergo allergy tests prior to using this filler.

Human collagen fillers became available a decade ago, which are produced by the culture of human cells. Human collagen reduces the risk of allergic reactions substantially, and advance skin tests for allergies are not usually required. However, these fillers are a little more expensive than animal based collagen fillers. The treatment with human collagen fillers may have to be repeated every six months to maintain the results.

Hyaluronic Acid based facial fillers were introduced a few years ago, and have become highly popular. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in the human skin. This substance gets depleted with age and due to other factors such as excessive sun exposure. Hyaluronic acid can be replaced through filler injections to rejuvenate the skin. This injectable treatment can be made synthetically or by using the natural Hyaluronic acid.

The latest qualities in Hyaluronic acid based facial fillers produce effective and longer lasting results. These fillers are created in such a way that the HA molecule breaks down very gradually in the body to prolong the effect of treatment. Allergic reactions with HA based fillers are very rare, and no advance skin testing is necessary. Top dermatologists in Platelet Rich plasma may offer the latest qualities in facial fillers.