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How To Treat Pet Dandruff

How To Treat Pet Dandruff published on

Dogs and cats make the majority of our pets. Most cats and dogs have dander, the cells sluffed from the animal’s skin and give them potty training. Many humans are allergic to dandruff and have reactions such as itchy eyes or a runny nose.


  • Use an air purifier in the living room and bedroom. These machines clean the pet air dander.
  • Dust all surfaces of houses often with a damp cloth. Damp mop floors nude.
  • Vacuum and shampoo often upholstered furniture. Use a vacuum cleaner that has a high efficiency particulate air filter, HEPA.
  • Remove carpet whenever possible and replace with tile or wood. Dandruff ends deep down on the carpet, which is difficult to eliminate.
  • Brush your pet frequently, especially in the spring when the most dogs and cats are thrown. Outdoor pet brush to reduce hair and dandruff in the house.
  • Play with your dogs outside as much as possible instead of inside the house. When dogs run, they shed more dandruff.
  • Wash your bedding and dog clothes often. Do not let your pet sleep in your bed if you are sensitive to your dandruff.
  • Change the heating and air conditioning filters in the house every month or so if you own pets. They get dirtier because of dandruff and pet hair.
  • Dandruff is on your curtains, so wash it often.